Review of Such a Tricky Word

Overall Impression: In the world of rock music, where electrifying energy meets soul-stirring melodies, "Such a Tricky Word" emerges as an exuberant and infectious anthem that grabs hold of your senses and refuses to let go. Both Willie T & Doctor X's matured writing style and their irrefutably strong sense of musicianship provide listeners with an irrefutably rewarding listening experience, one that's propelled by a pulsating rhythm and adorned with a number of captivating hooks that make it impossible to sit still. With its eclectic mix of rock styles, memorable melodic flourishes, and relatable theme, "Such a Tricky Word" serves as a wonderful celebration of rock's timeless appeal and its ability to enthrall, inspire, and captivate.

Strongest Point(s): Lyrically, "Such a Tricky Word" is a celebration of the complexities of human emotion, particularly the enigmatic nature of love. The singer's voice, brimming with charisma and charm, delivers the lyrics with an irresistible swagger that perfectly complements the song's upbeat character and spirited nature. It's a vocal performance that embodies the thrill and confusion of love itself. The title, "Such a Tricky Word," captures the essence of the song's theme: the multifaceted and often perplexing nature of love, down to a tee. Love is indeed a tricky word, capable of inspiring joy and heartache, and the track revels in this complexity. Whilst the theme may be one of sensitivity, the track still manages to offer up a rip-rolling good time thanks to its energising momentum and lighthearted musical approach. The guitar work is excellent, with its infectious riffs and melodic flourishes that serve as the backbone of the composition. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation, driving the song forward with an unrelenting groove that's impossible to resist. The harmonies, layered and infectious, create an anthemic quality that invites the listener to sing along. All these elements come together to create a rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable listening experience that is both highly memorable and undeniably replayable.

Target Audience Appeal: "Suck a Tricky World" is a strong piece of rock songwriting and I'm sure lovers of the genre will find it to be a solid listening experience.

Artist target suggestions: Dire Straits, Steve Winwood, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., Bruce Hornsby, Eddie Money, Fleetwood Mac, Pretenders, Men At Work

About The Reviewer: Andre Avanessian is a freelance session guitarist, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar as well as teaching it, helping students learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and become proficient in home recording.

--Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay/, September 17, 2023

Review of December 8th 

 Veteran Boston rock duo Willie T and Doctor X commemorate the untimely demise of music icon John Lennon, with their release of "December 8th." Paying homage to such a legendary artist is no small feat, yet these seasoned songwriting partners managed to accomplish this by approaching  Lennon's assassination with total reverence and aplomb. This track features a shuffling, uptempo blues boogie played by a top notch rhythm section, and an inspired vocal performance that will send chills down the listener's spine. Highlighted by multiple musical phrases and lyrical quotes taken from various works composed by the former Beatle, "December 8th" recounts that fateful night in 1980, when the world lost one of its most beloved cultural figures. Rock audiences of all ages and backgrounds absolutely need to experience the magic and appreciation of Willie T and Doctor X's "December 8th" first hand.  

Strongest Point(s):   Wonderful piece of song craft. So many great little touches; from all the lyrical nods, to the "Love Me Do" harmonica, to the chord progression in the chorus. Even the groove itself feels like it could've been lifted from the Imagine sessions. It's amazing how cathartic this tune feels, more than forty years after his passing. The playing on this is tight and focused, and the vocals are well delivered, also possessing that Lennon-esque splash of reverb for an even more authentic sound. Production is good, it's a very solid, well balanced mix overall. Really just a truly fantastic song, and a fitting tribute to a bonafide legend. I think John himself would absolutely love it!    

—Steven Azami, Radio Airplay/    (Posted December 5th, 2021)

More Internet Radio Reviews 

“Living proof that the major labels miss the best musicians By the Wizard, fkap     Saturday nights at the Honky Tonk have never been more fun! Willie T & Doctor X have the energy, enthusiasm, talent and attitude that make music captivating (not to mention downright fun). Listen to this album 3 times and you'll find yourself wondering how Hollywood has missed them. This is chart topping stuff! Realizing that Internet Radio was the ONLY outlet for unsigned artists, Willie T & Doctor X have led the fight to save Internet radio and prevent the RIAA and majors from driving the new medium out of existence. Internet Radio has returned the favor by embracing this great duo. You'll hear this group often on the Internet, but I recommend you buy the CD to hear all nine songs. My personal favorite is "All's not Quiet on the Western Front" but "Such a Tricky Word" may be one of the best, most thoughtful songs on the album. In short, you can now enjoy Saturday Night at the club "24/7" just by listening to this album.” --The Wizard, FKAP Wizard Radio, Kosciusko, MS  Live365 Network 

“A small pearl in a very large oyster bed” - Francis DiMenno, The Noise, Cambridge, MA 

“Willie T And Doctor X. Pop/Folk/Blues. CD title"Hogs On Ice" One track sideloaded from LIVE365 music library. All's Not Quiet At The Western Front" and I've also added from the same CD title two more tracks "Pagan Dreams" and "Running 'Round In Circles". Great Music. Deep vocals and nice acoustics. I love the entire CD.  --Joymusique89,, Chicago, IL  Live365 Network 

“...These guys have a great folky songwriter style to their songs - so much that we could phantom the possibility of this band opening up for 'Blues Traveler'.”  --Dert Online, Picks & Nix (Cindy Pop, Reverend Dan, Dawn Laureen)

E-Zine Interview with Aldora Britain Records!

Issue 95, Monday 6th March 2023

We are very excited to announce that we conducted a remote interview for Aldora Britain Records' Music eZine, Issue No. 95, which just published this week! Our interview is on Pg. 34. Just click on the following link to take you to the eZine:

Note: I must include a caveat regarding Question No. 3 in the Quickfire Round, lest we leave you scratching your heads at our answer! The question posed to us was, ‘first gig as an audience member?’’  In the published interview it is truncated to simply ‘first gig?’, which is a whole different question! 

Aldora Britain Records - AB Records has also included one of our songs on their latest independent music compilation. It's called ‘Pulp, By Various Artists’. We came in at No. 12.  You can help us get to No. 1 by clicking on the the following link and streaming our song, ‘Running 'Round in Circles’.

 Reviews by CD Purchasers:

"Benefit purchase--pleasantly surprisedI purchased this to help benefit the music program in Winchester MA without knowing anything about the music. When it arrived I popped it in the CD player and was pleasantly surprised. It's great!"  (Sandy - Bristol, CT - CD Baby Customer)

"A Strong Recommendation For "Hogs on Ice". What can I say? This record is pure class. Clever lyrics and understated arrangements hit you like really strong coffee after a hangover from too much indie rock rubbish...Refreshing."  (Eric Doberman, Cambridge, MA - CD Baby Customer)

"Wonderful cd...each and every song. a must buy!” (Andy Baron, Cambridge, MA - Amazon customer)

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