Living proof that the major labels miss the best musicians By the Wizard, fkap     Saturday nights at the Honky Tonk have never been more fun! Willie T & Doctor X have the energy, enthusiasm, talent and attitude that make music captivating (not to mention downright fun). Listen to this album 3 times and you'll find yourself wondering how Hollywood has missed them. This is chart topping stuff! Realizing that Internet Radio was the ONLY outlet for unsigned artists, Willie T & Doctor X have led the fight to save Internet radio and prevent the RIAA and majors from driving the new medium out of existence. Internet Radio has returned the favor by embracing this great duo. You'll hear this group often on the Internet, but I recommend you buy the CD to hear all nine songs. My personal favorite is "All's not Quiet on the Western Front" but "Such a Tricky Word" may be one of the best, most thoughtful songs on the album. In short, you can now enjoy Saturday Night at the club "24/7" just by listening to this album.” - The Wizard, FKAP Wizard Radio, Kosciusko, MS

A small pearl in a very large oyster bed” - Francis DiMenno, The Noise, Cambridge, MA
Willie T And Doctor X. Pop/Folk/Blues. CD title"Hogs On Ice" One track sideloaded from LIVE365 music library. All's Not Quiet At The Western Front" and I've also added from the same CD title two more tracks "Pagan Dreams" and "Running 'Round In Circles". Great Music. Deep vocals and nice acoustics. I love the entire CD.” - Joymusique89,, Chicago, IL
...These guys have a great folky songwriter style to their songs - so much that we could phantom the possibility of this band opening up for 'Blues Traveler'.” - Dert Online, Picks & Nix (Cindy Pop, Reverend Dan, Dawn Laureen)
____________________________________________ Sandy Bristol: "Benefit purchase--pleasantly surprised I purchased this to help benefit the music program in Winchester MA without knowing anything about the music. When it arrived I popped it in the CD player and was pleasantly surprised. It's great!" _____________________________________________ Eric Doberman: "A Strong Recommendation For "Hogs on Ice". What can I say? This record is pure class. Clever lyrics and understated arrangements hit you like really strong coffee after a hangover from too much indie rock rubbish...Refreshing." _____________________________________________ Andy Baron: "Wonderful cd...each and every song. a must buy!”

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