Boy loses girl, wants girl back. Not happening. Feeling lost.  Who among us hasn't been there?  Fortunately, time heals all wounds, and life goes on.


words & music by willie t & doctor x
i've been standin' on the corners, i've been sittin' in the bars
i've been riding down the highways and byways in my car
i've been trying to look so handsome, try to act so sharp
i've been tryin' to win the women, but there's something in my heart
oh, i, i just want my baby back
i just want, i just baby back
i remember last vacation makin' love on the beach 
when i try to call her she's completely out of reach
now i wonder what she's doin', what's been on her mind
does she ever think of me, can we have another time
now i'm right back where i started when i first came into town
i'm always feeling empty, keep my eyes on the ground
there's so many pretty women, but they just don't seem much fun
i always wind up dreamin' of that one and only one
doctor x (lead vocals, harmonica)
willie t (elec guitar, vocals)
gary jenkins (bass, lead guitar)
danny feist (drums)
andy mendelson (keyboards)