Doctor X wrote this tale about his first date with Christine, a very nice girl that hung out with our crowd in our teens and 20s, and a good friend still.  The stars were not aligned for the two that night,however.  Doc took Christine out to Andy's Disco Pizza, in Bristol, CT.  Always a gentleman, he opened the car door for her.  His timing on closing the door, unfortunately, was a wee bit off, and he ended up slamming it shut on her leg.  The date went drastically downhill from there, and though they remain good friends, romance was sadly not in the cards!
Soon afterward, Doctor X penned the words to this song.  We set it to music, and added this snappy little downtime number to our old band's repertoire.  The night we debuted the tune at the old Kingsbury Hotel, on Harrison Ave., in downtown Waterbury, all our friends came out, including Christine, who turned beet red when we started playing it.  It was a priceless moment!  We all laugh about it now.  Years later, we recorded it on our Hogs On Ice CD, and to our delight and amazement, it has been very popular on Internet radio stations around the world!


words & music by willie t & doctor x
maybelline was a very fine chick, nadine was a little too hip
and i knew a girl named daisy, she almost drove me crazy
and i knew a girl named sue, she knew exactly what to do
but i'd throw them all away for that girl i met today
christine, you're the queen of my dreams
i think you know just what i mean
come on, come alive, don't give me none of that hand jive
well, i saw you walkin' and i heard you talkin'
i said, oooh!,  that's what i need
i wanna take you to the cocomo
i wanna show you everything i know
you're all sugar and spice, and everything nice
i said baby, you're alright
you got flash, you got class, and no scratches on your back
i want to take you by my side
i've been dreamin, i've been schemin', i've been tryin' and hopin'
look out mama, i'm all through joking
doctor x (lead vocals, harmonica)
willie t. (elec. guitar, vocals)
gary jenkins (bass, vocals)
johnny shade (lead guitar)
danny feist (drums)
andy mendelson (piano)