A Little History

Doctor X and I have been playing music together since we were in high school in our native Connecticut. We formed our first rock & roll band (Jumpin' Jiminy Blues Band) in the Waterbury area, where there was a small, but thriving music scene in the old "Brass City" (as it was known in its heyday.) Anyone with any musical ambitions eventually had to move to greener pastures. Most gravitated towards New York. I headed for Boston after graduating from college, initially to look for a promising band that needed a bass player. Somehow, very early on I got sidetracked, and started doing a solo acoustic thing, performing in local clubs and coffeehouses, and doing the college circuit. It gave me a chance to more fully explore songwriting, and to develop my skills as a singer and guitarist.

Doctor X followed me up to "Beantown" a couple of years later after an extended cross-country adventure, and we resumed our musical career together as Willie T & Doctor X, performing mostly as an acoustic duo, and sometimes with a full rock & roll band known first as Willie T & the Red Line Cruisers, and later as Hogs on Ice. We made a couple of records (yes, real vinyl!) in the 80's that had very limited exposure on college radio stations, and minimal distribution to local record stores. Of course, once everyone in town who knew us bought their copies sales plummeted drastically! This, alas, was the typical experience of most local bands with no major label backing before the invention of the Internet. Now we sell CDs and digital downloads in far away places like Belgium, Australia, and the Philippines, and are being played on Internet Radio stations in such exotic locales as Bosnia-Herzegovina! We're not getting rich anytime soon, mind you, but it is fun and very gratifying to see people from half way around the world buying our music, and it is especially nice to hear from them!  We hope you’ll check in often, and we hope that you will enjoy our music as well as my occasional political rants.  Please feel free to write to us.  We'd love to hear from you!  Hopefully we'll get to meet some of you at our shows!

Best regards,

Willie T

Booking Information

Willie T & Doctor X are available for pub, coffeehouse, and nightclub bookings, and also for house concerts, parties, and other events! If you'd like us to perform at your event, please email Willie T at:  WillieT@WillieTandDoctorX.com

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