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Willie T & Doctor X are available for pub, coffeehouse, and nightclub bookings, and also for house concerts, parties, and other events! If you'd like us to perform at your event, please email Willie T at the following address:


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Willie T & Doctor X 50th Anniversary Show/Celebration - A Magical Night! 

Many thanks to all of you who came to celebrate Willie T & Doctor X’s 50th Anniversary show and celebration! Who knew that a couple of high school kids would forge a bond over their love of music that would propel them on a journey that still continues 50 years after their first gig in November, 1967! Looking out from the stage, I was simply blown away at the sight of over 100 friends, fans and family, some of whom traveled a great distance to be there! It was a night I’ll never forget, and Doctor X and I…

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50th Anniversary Show in November 2017! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that this year marks our 50th anniversary performing together! Yes, that's 5-0!  We were just high school kids when we started our first band, rehearsing in Doctor X's mom's garage! Our rehearsals were regularly interrupted by the local police, due to complaints from the neighbors. Nevertheless, we persisted.  Soul survivors, we're kind of like the Rolling Stones, albeit without the fame.... or the fortune. But it sure has been fun!  You can read more about…

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Great Show at the MIT Coffeehouse Lounge! 

Fabulous night at the MIT Coffeehouse Lounge, last  night! We played to a very enthusiastic audience. It was so much fun!  Many thanks to Anthony for bringing us back, and for streaming this video! Thanks also to Rudy for his work with the sound. See you next time!For those of you who couldn't make it, here's a video of the show, which the coffeehouse crew streamed on their website:




Successful Outdoor Show at Last! (No Rain!) 

Hi Folks,

in June, we attempted our first outdoor concert this summer--on the Science Center Plaza at Harvard--and just four songs in the sky just opened up, and we had to scramble for cover.  Two weeks ago we waited out a rainstorm at the Roslindale Farmer's Market.  That was nearly called off, just two songs into the set, but it turned out all right in the end.  I was beginning to think we traveled with a cloud over our heads, and that maybe, as long as we had a talent for conjuring up precipitation, we…

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Tell Congress to Let the PATRIOT Act Expire on June 1st! 

Hi Folks,

I've called my senators and asked them to oppose reauthorization of the PATRIOT ACT, specifically the most egregious part of the act (Sect. 215). Fortunately, Sen. Markey has come out against reauthorization under any name, including the House's recently passed version called the USA Freedom Act, which ironically takes away your freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and has a detrimental effect on your freedom of speech. Not sure where Sen. Warren stands, but I have a feeling she's on…

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Willie T & Doctor X -You Tube Video, Shot Live on BNN-TV's "It's All About Arts" 

Hi Folks,

We had a great time performing on BNN-TV's show, It's All About Arts on March 23rd, 2015!  The show is shot live, and was aired several times that week, and then posted on You Tube.  In addition to performing four songs, we were interviewed by our wonderful hosts Glenn Williams and Valerie Eliason.  This is our first TV show ever!  You can watch it on You Tube at:


A Magical Night at the Tavern at the End of the World! 

Doctor X and I would like to thank everyone who came down to see us perform at the Tavern at the End of the World last Thursday. What a fantastic and magical night! We had such a blast playing for you all. Singing bartender, Tim Carey, who's seen us at least a dozen times now said it was our best show ever. He may be right! There was definitely something electric in the air that evening, and the place was packed with a very enthusiastic audience! It was a special treat to hear Mr. Curt (formerly of local…

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House Concerts! 

Happy Spring, Everyone! So glad to have the winter behind us. Lately, I've been reading a lot about house concerts, and what a hot thing they've become. Artists are booking themselves right into peoples' living rooms and backyards for an intimate concert experience. My wife and I attended one once, and it was a terrific experience! The homeowner opened the show to the public and charged a small admission fee to pay the artists and cover other costs. We enjoyed a potluck dinner beforehand, where we had…

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Introducing RuthAnna: Skylight 

And so, I have become a record producer (just kidding!)

I'd like to give a plug for my good friend, and fellow singer/songwriter, RuthAnna, with whom I have been a frequent collaborator for many years.

RuthAnna's songs so evidently come from her life experience, that after listening to Skylight you feel as though you've really gotten to know her intimately. In the first three songs, collectively known as the 'Father & Son Trilogy', RuthAnna addresses the challenges of a single mom trying her best to raise…

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Back to Our Roots, and Honoring an Old Friend 

Hi Folks,

We've been spending a lot of time looking at our extensive repertoire, digging way back to our distant past for songs that we have not performed live in eons.  Many of these are original songs, and most have never been professionally recorded.  These are songs that are meaningful to us, and which we felt should be revisited, dusted off, and re-worked, with the aim of performing them once again.  We also hope to record some of them and usher them out into the world!

One of them, I Wanna See You

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