Radio Airplay/Jango Radio Top Picks!

April 3, 2023

We have great news! Radio Airplay staff have chosen our song, “I Just Want My Baby Back”, to be featured on their Top Artist of the Week blog! They’ve just posted our song here:

What's more, we are now also featured at's independent artist's Top Pick


March 6, 2023

Issue 95, Monday 6th March 2023 

We are very excited to announce that we conducted a remote interview for Aldora Britain Records' Music eZine, Issue No. 95, which just published this week! Our interview is on Pg. 34. Just click on the following link to take you to the eZine:  

Note: I must include a caveat regarding Question No. 3 in the Quickfire Round, lest we leave you scratching your heads at our answer! The question posed to us was, ‘first gig as an audience member?’’  In the published interview it is truncated to simply ‘first gig?’, which is a whole different question!  

Aldora Britain Records - AB Records has also included one of our songs on their latest independent music compilation. It's called ‘Pulp, By Various Artists’. We came in at No. 12.  You can help us get to No. 1 by clicking on the the following link and streaming our song, ‘Running 'Round in Circles’.