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I Wanna See You

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Willie T: I Wanna See You Single Available as digital download. Also available as 45 rpm vinyl record w/ Love Me Today on the flip side ($3 + $3 shipping and handling)


loneliness tears the soul, when the fire still burns
love takes a heavy toll, when it's not returned
like seasons we change
we laugh and we cry
love waxes and wanes, but the scar still remains
long after it's gone

you were my first real love, but y'know when it's right
and i thought you'd always be right there at my side
was i so naive to think it could last
'cuz we were growing up, we were looking around,
but my love held fast

i wanna touch you
i wanna see you
i wanna hold you again

love is such a funny game, when you're playing for keeps
and one heart gets broken, when the price is too steep
i'll never regret, i'll never forget,
falling in love with you

if i could just find a way to make you see
just what you mean to me, but what would i say?
well, darling this heartache has left me empty inside
but i'm still hoping someday you'll change your name to mine

Words & music by Willie T (pseudonym for William J. Santoro) • Copyright © ℗ 1981 • Wheel & Dheel Records • • BMI