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Willie T & Doctor X are available for pub, coffeehouse, and nightclub bookings, and also for house concerts, parties, and other events! If you'd like us to perform at your event, please email Willie T at the following address:


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Listen to samples! - Buy the CD at CDBaby!

Willie T & Doctor X: Hogs on Ice

An unforgettable collection of nine terrific songs from Willie T & Doctor X, featuring accompaniment from the extraordinary talents of: Jonathan Shade (electric guitar), Gary Jenkins (bass, electric guitar, vocals), Danny Feist (drums), and Colleen MacDonald (vocals).

Also featuring special guests Andy Mendelson (keyboards, electric guitar), Sarah Gates (electric guitar), and Peter Babke (drums). Recorded & mixed by Andy Mendelson at Baker St. Studios, Watertown, MA.

Wheel & Dheel Records WDR004

Listen to samples! - Buy the CD at CDBaby!