Successful Outdoor Show at Last! (No Rain!)

Hi Folks,

in June, we attempted our first outdoor concert this summer--on the Science Center Plaza at Harvard--and just four songs in the sky just opened up, and we had to scramble for cover.  Two weeks ago we waited out a rainstorm at the Roslindale Farmer's Market.  That was nearly called off, just two songs into the set, but it turned out all right in the end.  I was beginning to think we traveled with a cloud over our heads, and that maybe, as long as we had a talent for conjuring up precipitation, we should spend the rest of the summer performing in California, where they could use some rain!  But this Tuesday we did our third outdoor concert of the summer, again on the Science Center Plaza at Harvard University.  It was mighty hot, (90 degrees) and we had no shade, but it did not rain this time, and we made it through a full hour-long performance with no rain.  I feel as if a curse has been lifted!  Many thanks to Ron Cooper, who took this photo.

Next performance up is at our beloved Tavern at the End of the World, in Charlestown, MA, on Thursday, September 3rd.  Looking forward to going back there again.  Hope you are all having a terrific summer!  See you soon!





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