Introducing RuthAnna: Skylight

And so, I have become a record producer (just kidding!)

I'd like to give a plug for my good friend, and fellow singer/songwriter, RuthAnna, with whom I have been a frequent collaborator for many years.

RuthAnna's songs so evidently come from her life experience, that after listening to Skylight you feel as though you've really gotten to know her intimately. In the first three songs, collectively known as the 'Father & Son Trilogy', RuthAnna addresses the challenges of a single mom trying her best to raise her son under very difficult circumstances, and exults in the joys of motherhood. 'Colorado Visions' takes the listener on a tour of big sky country, the land of RuthAnna's childhood roots. My personal favorite, however, is the hauntingly beautiful 'Elizabeth', dealing with friendship, life and loss. When she sings, 'I'm here to tell you…life isn't pointless at all,' it sends chills up my spine!

This is the third album by this prolific and talented folksinger. Skylight is a compelling collection of songs, performed in its entirety before a live studio audience at Splice of Life Studios, in Brighton, MA in 1982. Although she plays several instruments, including guitar, recorder, and autoharp, RuthAnna accompanies herself here on piano only--an instrument that transforms her performances into something truly mesmerizing. For those of us who were lucky enough to be in the studio with her that evening, it was an absolutely unforgettable, spellbinding experience. The magic of that performance is perfectly captured, and forever preserved in this recording! Skylight was originally released on a vinyl LP in 1986, with distribution pretty much limited to the Boston area. I've always felt that this album, which I consider to be her finest work, deserved to be heard by a wider audience. I convinced her to re-release it on my label, Wheel & Dheel Records.  I had it remastered for CD, and through the magic of the Internet and CD Baby have made it available for the world to hear. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have!

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 -Willie T, co-producer


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