House Concerts!

Happy Spring, Everyone! So glad to have the winter behind us. Lately, I've been reading a lot about house concerts, and what a hot thing they've become. Artists are booking themselves right into peoples' living rooms and backyards for an intimate concert experience. My wife and I attended one once, and it was a terrific experience! The homeowner opened the show to the public and charged a small admission fee to pay the artists and cover other costs. We enjoyed a potluck dinner beforehand, where we had dinner with the musicians, enjoyed talking with the artists, buying their CDs and having them autograph them for us.

So I thought maybe Willie T & Doctor X should try it out. In fact, just last week we auctioned ourselves off for a house concert performance for a fundraiser, and we'll be doing a backyard BBQ show this summer.

If any of you would like to have us come perform at your home either for a backyard party, or in more of a coffeehouse-type setting, whether you're doing it just for fun, or as a commercial venture, we would be very much interested in talking to you, and working with you to iron out all the details!

All the best,


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