A Magical Night at the Tavern at the End of the World!

Doctor X and I would like to thank everyone who came down to see us perform at the Tavern at the End of the World last Thursday. What a fantastic and magical night! We had such a blast playing for you all. Singing bartender, Tim Carey, who's seen us at least a dozen times now said it was our best show ever. He may be right! There was definitely something electric in the air that evening, and the place was packed with a very enthusiastic audience! It was a special treat to hear Mr. Curt (formerly of local legendary band Pastiche) and his band. Very original and unusual material, and some really cool and interesting guitar work between him and Jeff. I really enjoyed their set!

Thanks, also, to Natalie Flanagan for having us back. It was great to see her and her fabulous band again. Those of you who haven't heard them should do yourselves a favor and come see them live. I love Natalie's songs and I love the sound of her voice. And those guitarists! John takes the lap steel to sizzling new heights, Patrick, understated and always, always tasteful, and Tony just soars! Chris holds it all together on the drums. Together they are simply phenomenal, and I always enjoy their shows. Great to hear Tim Carey belt out a couple of numbers with Nat's band too! Until next time, guys!

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