Hogs On Ice

Willie T & Doctor X

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Choodlin' rock/folk/blues duo with a rock & roll attitude and full-band production.

Willie T & Doctor X's "Hogs on Ice" album, an eclectic mix of rock, folk, and blues, rooted in musical influences that reach back to the 1970s, captures on disc the exuberant spirit and drive so typical of their live performances. They are joined here by some of the most talented performers in the Boston area. Willie T's passionate lyricism takes the listener tripping through the minefields of impossible relationships (check out "Such A Tricky Word"). He wrestles with the assassination of beloved rock troubadour John Lennon (December 8th), and paints a colorful picture of Cambridge nightlife on the poor side of town (All's Not Quiet at the Western Front). This serious side is wonderfully counterbalanced by Doctor X's dry wit and oh, so irreverent humor (try on "Pagan Dreams" for size!). "Christine, You're the Queen o' My Dreams", also sung by Doctor X, has a wholesome downtime bar-band feel, with its bluesy funk rhythm groove. On "The Action", his "pre-Satisfaction" Rolling Stones-like delivery drives like a train. Willie T's "Running 'Round in Circles" has the most commercial potential of the nine songs in this collection. Nashville take notice: In the right producer's hands, this song could well be a hit on the pop/country crossover charts.

Yes, these guys are hard to pigeonhole. Willie T & Doctor X make no attempt to be narrowly defined by the standard genre lingo that the major labels are so fond of squeezing artists into. This is really fun music that knows no bounds.

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