Willie T & Doctor X

The Shadow

Willie T & Doctor X
Willie T & Doctor X


Kind of a spooky song.  Mainly about the strange twists that life can take, and how things (and people) can slip right through your fingers.  The recorded version features the eerily haunting sound of "plastic hose being whirled about the head."  It was very effective in the studio, but we had to discontinue its use in live performance due to the risk of severe injuries to the other musicians on the stage.


words & music by willie t & doctor x


i wake up every morning, just about the break of day

get over to my window, i look out, up, down, every which way

cause every day i get a feelin something's creepin' up on me

and it feels just like a shadow, filled with pain and misery


once i had a sweet little woman, and we had real fine love

just like heaven, people, just what dreams are made of

then one day she caught sight of a little bit of you know what

she saw the shadow in the distance, always hangin' around on me

she said bye-bye, so long, thanks for the memories


i used to be a fast driver

tear up the road in my alpha romeo

now i just drive at 55, 'cuz there's no one waitin' for me

except that shadow in the distance, always bearin' down on me


there's a shadow in the distance, always hangin' all around on me

well, i always keep a little hope, and sometimes i pray

one day the sun is gonna shine, and chase that shadow away

and when that day comes, good God, i hope i'm not alone


doctor x (lead vocals, percussion)

willie t. (elec guitar, vocals)

gary jenkins (bass)

johnny shade (lead guitar

danny feist (drums)

andy mendelson (keyboards, 2nd lead guitar)