Willie T & Doctor X

Running 'Round in Circles

Willie T & Doctor X
Willie T & Doctor X


This song is the sequel to Such A Tricky Word.  This is where I finally come to grips with the futility of an impossible relationship.  This is me finally letting go and moving on.  I wrote this one on my birthday.  It just all flowed out in about 20 minutes.  Nice birthday gift to myself!


words & music by willie t


you put up such resistance, well, baby it's all wrong

you keep your perfect distance that keeps me hanging on

and when i try to get free, you say, "baby, don't you go!"

you swear you wouldn't use me, well, how am i to know?

we're running 'round in circles


you try to keep me wondering, you always sound so vague

the words you choose are loaded, i can never get it straight

i try to second-guess you, you've got me on the run

and then i upset you, when you were having so much fun


we're running 'round in circles

trying to catch each other

we're running 'round, running 'round,

running 'round in circles...

never catching up


you'd never try to hurt me, babe, i know you're not that kind

you never would desert me, but you might bleed me dry

i cried out for love, ah, but you never were around

you never picked me up, when i'd fall down


we're running 'round in circles, 

trying to catch each other

we're running 'round, running 'round, 

running 'round in circles...never catching up

never catching up...running 'round in circles...


willie t. (bass, lead vocals)

jonathan shade (lead and acoustic guitars)

doctor x (harmonica, percussion)

sarah gates (elec. guitar)

peter babke (drums)

gary jenkins (vocals)

colleen macdonald (vocals)

andy mendelson (keyboards)