Willie T & Doctor X

Another Awesome Night at the Tavern at the End of the World!

Hi Folks,

We had another awesome night at the Tavern at the End of the World last Thursday night. I LOVE that place! I really enjoyed hearing Natalie Flanagan again—especially now that I am more familiar with her music (having purchased her "Sexy Singers" CD on iTunes.) As usual, she got things rolling with a quieter, acoustic set, and closed the evening with a SMOKING hot set with the full band. They have such a perfectly raw, unadulterated rock sound that just speaks to me in a language I can fully appreciate. The bartender, Tim, came out again and rocked the house performing four songs with the band. He has one powerful voice, and enough energy to power a small city! All of these folks must have been performing with each other for some time, because they all seem to know and perform each other's songs very, very well.

We were honored to once again do the featured artist show in between Natalie's sets. We were on for at least a good hour, and really got to wind out a bit, throwing in some older songs that we hadn't played in quite some time, along with our usual favorites. It was great to see people shouting out the "boonjah, boonjah" parts in "Pagan Dreams." We did a few new tunes as well, which was quite a lot of fun. The Tavern was packed, and we were thrilled to see a lot of our friends and fans there, which made for a very special evening. Many thanks to all of you for coming down to see us on a cold, winter night. I hope you all had fun. We sure did! Many thanks to Natalie, also, for inviting us to play!


Willie T