Willie T & Doctor X

50th Anniversary Show in November 2017!

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that this year marks our 50th anniversary performing together! Yes, that's 5-0!  We were just high school kids when we started our first band, rehearsing in Doctor X's mom's garage! Our rehearsals were regularly interrupted by the local police, due to complaints from the neighbors. Nevertheless, we persisted.  Soul survivors, we're kind of like the Rolling Stones, albeit without the fame.... or the fortune. But it sure has been fun!  You can read more about our musical journey on our Bio page.  The exact date eludes me, but our first gig was a dance at our local high school sometime during the first two weeks of November 1967.  We are currently scouting out a venue for a Willie T & Doctor X 50th Anniversary show in November to celebrate, so stay tuned!